Company Budmat Bogdan Więcek has acquired Samesor Oy

Polish company Budmat Bogdan Więcek has acquired Samesor Oy, a Finnish innovative manufacturer of sheet metal processing machinery.

Budmat Bogdan Więcek, one of the leading companies in Poland specialising in the construction industry, in the production and supply of steel roofs, gutter systems and support structures for photovoltaics, has finalised the purchase of 100% of the shares in the Finnish company Samesor Oy. This is an important step in the development of both companies, opening up new opportunities for both customers and employees of both entities.

Samesor Oy is a Finnish company with a proud 60-year history in the machinery industry. The company specialises in the design and production of advanced technology for roll forming as well as press forming of steel sheets. Its experience so far consists of more than 1,000 machines for the production of roofing sheets, trapezoidal sheets and other building profiles, delivered to 67 countries all over the world.

Thanks to this acquisition, Budmat Bogdan Więcek gains access to modern technologies and unique know-how, which will enable further investments in innovative solutions for the roofing industry. For Samesor Oy, on the other hand, the acquisition by such a renowned company as Budmat means improved opportunities to reach the Polish market and the possibility of intensive expansion in the remaining markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

The construction market both in Poland and across Europe will also gain a lot from this merger. Firstly, the Budmat Group’s customers will gain access to even higher quality products and innovative technological solutions, while construction companies will be able to benefit from the offer of “tailor-made” modern machinery, which will as a result allow them to speed up and optimise many production processes.
In addition, the integration of the two companies is an excellent way to create synergy in research and development, which translates into faster market introduction of innovations. The cooperation between the Polish and Finnish teams will also lead to an exchange of experience and knowledge, which will surely benefit both parties in the long term.

The acquisition of Samesor Oy by Budmat Bogdan Więcek is evidence of the company’s ambition to expand and strive for leadership on the European market. It is also a sign that Polish companies are ready to invest in modern technologies and develop internationally.

Overall, this transaction is a significant step ahead for both companies. For Samesor Oy, it is an opportunity to expand its presence in Europe, and for Budmat – an opportunity to strengthen its leadership position on the roofing market and access to new technologies. We look forward to hearing more about the integration of the companies and the new opportunities this merger will bring.